Baloda Bazaar: There was a major act of arson on Monday when the Satnami community set ablaze the Baloda Bazaar Collectorate and the SP office. The protest, for this reason, followed the Jaitkham dispute, and the protest acted as violence, culminating in this act of destruction. The five-member forensic team from Raipur has reportedly reached Baloda Bazaar now to go into depth of the occurrence.

The cause of the conflict, or, better, its genesis, can be seen in trolls who desecrated the Satnami’s Jaitkham. The community, over the past several months, has been seeking a CBI probe into the incident in order to get justice and fairness from the authorities for what they consider an invasion of their cultural and religious emblem. What had been an otherwise peaceful demonstration ended up getting out of hand with the protesters getting aggressive.

On the day of the protest, there was a huge turnout of the Satnami family, where they openly voiced their call and concerns. However, what then happened was a real mayhem that arose from within the protest, with some individuals who had other intentions challenging the police. These antisocial elements first started with some ripping off the body of the vehicle and then went on to burn the Collectorate and the SP office. Civil unrest escalated quickly, destroying people’s lives and property as well as threatening the stability of the state.

The government and other security forces reacted to the incidents involving violence by increasing the number of police in order to contain the situation and avoid more expressions of violence. However, no matter their endeavours, the harm was already caused, and the consequences left the local administration stunned with the desperate need to resolve the problem.

The team from Raipur has been anyhow assigned to study the forensic of the burning incident. Their work will entail gathering information on various aspects of the rampage, establishing the severity of the outcomes and getting to the root of the individuals or groups involved in the acts of aggression.

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