Raipur,Chhattisgarh: Amidst this pandemic crisis that lays upon the country, Many State Governments have issued orders to compulsorily deduct amount from salaries of employees for corona pandemic relief fund. Chhattisgarh government makes an announcement that there would be no deduction from salaries of Chhattisgarh Government officials-employees during lock-down for corona pandemic relief. State Government has already made extensive arrangements for dealing with COVID-19 infection.

Chief Minister said that State Government’s officials-employees can voluntarily make financial contribution to CM Relief Fund as per their preference but they would be obtrude to. Chhattisgarh Government has also directed private industrial and business establishments of the state to not to deduct from salaries of employees during lockdown.

It is noteworthy that in many states of the country, governments have issued orders for compulsory rank-wise deduction from salaries of employees, whereas Chhattisgarh Government has decided that no such salary deduction will be done from government officials-employees.