Chhattisgarh: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi narendra modi requesting him to provide financial assistance of Rs 30,000 crore for operation of relief and welfare schemes and relaxation in the economic activities related to revenue generation in the state. In his letter, c.m bhupesh baghel has requested to release Rs. 10 thousand crores in urgent basis, so that they can provide financial assistance to industry, business, service and agricultural sector.

Bhupesh baghel has also urged to provide some exemptions in the state for the successful operation of economic activities which can provide partial revenue generation, which will be used to control the pandemic situation in state. He also requested some more exemptions which includes opening of sweet shops, starting of registration and purchase of properties,  opening of vehicle’s showroom and to start construction work in the cities. He also added some more exemption like opening of air conditioners, collleers, fridge showroom. And he also mention that it wil be appropriate to allow all type of repair and retail work in green zone districts.And he assure that every possible effort will be made by the state government to ensure the wearing of masks and social-physical distancing of all individuals.

He also added that Due to long period of  lockdown, Revenue collection havs come down to almost zero . In the current economic scenario, there is also a big possibility of  reduction in the amount that the state receives from central taxes. On the other hand, the State Government is needing additional resources for the livelihood of the 56 lakh poor and needy families of the state, who have no means of income left in this situation. He further added that if above are not been getted permitted, then normal operation of state is not possible.

He also wrote in the letter that currently situation of Covid-19 outbreak in the state is comparatively better than other states. As of from 21 April, 36 Covid-19 patients were found infected in the state, out of which 25 people have gone to their homes after getting completely fit and healthy and the remaining 11 people are umder treatment and their current situation is also stable. Around 400 people are being tested every day in the state. No new case has been found from last 5 days. Out of 28 districts, 23 districts comes under green zone which means there is no sign of corona infection in those districts. And 4 districts come under Orange zone where only 8 people are identified as corona infected and all of them are discharged from hospital. No new cases has been reported in the last three weeks from this districts.

At last he requested to prime minister narendra modi that the state should be provided financial help of atleast 30 thousand crores from the central government in next three months, so that they can provide economic assistant to agriculture, industry, business and service sectors.