Raipur, Chhattisgarh: Officials of the district have been shocked by the disappearance of 76 suspected patients amid fears of coronavirus. All of them have returned from travelling abroad. If one of them is found to be suffering from the virus, serious consequences can be suffered by the local public. In such a situation, the entire police team is busy in their search.

According to the WHO and the Government of India, potential patients of coronavirus are also those who have returned from travelling abroad. Therefore, according to the advisory, every person arriving from abroad should be examined and kept under observation through hospital isolation or home isolation for 14 days. In Raipur from March 1 to 22, 996 people have returned from abroad. And out of the 76 passengers are not being traced yet.

A list has been prepared for the arrival of 996 people from abroad. But in the window of one month, the help staff was able to identify only 920 people, all of them have been screened. But rest of them is still untraceable yet. And out of this 920 passenger, 798 corona test was also done. out of which 5 were reported positive. But now all patients are healthy and discharged from hospital.

Talking to Lalluram.com, SP Arif sheikh said “Of all the survivors who are missing, 23 people are already identified. The problem is many people have provided us with wrong information. It is burdensome to trace such people, despite this, we have identified 23 people. The rest will be searched soon, the people who are recognized and caught are constantly being quarantined.”

He also said that if anybody knowingly hide their information and does not follow the guidelines of quarantine will face consequences accordingly.