Chhattisgarh: There will be a complete lockdown of 72 hours in the Raipur. This means that there will be conditions like curfew in the coming three days. Therefore, all services except medicine shops, milk parlours, petrol pumps, LPG gas cylinder shops will be completely closed.

Raipur Collector, Dr S. Bharti Dasan has ordered a ban in Raipur district on all the ongoing operations leaving just the extremely necessary activities. This lockdown will be carried out after 5 pm on Thursday, 16 April 2020 till 19 April 2020.

Medical shops, milk parlors, petrol pumps, LPG gas cylinder shops and online home delivery services will be permitted to remain open. During this lockdown, there will be a restriction on travelling and moving unnecessarily for 72 hours.

Apart from that vegetable markets, other markets, shops will remain closed. The Collector and District Magistrate have appealed to all the citizens of the district to support and corporate with district administration by staying in their homes during this period.