Bijapur: In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman who had to be carried in a cooking utensil to cross a river to reach the nearest hospital which was 15 km away from Bijapur District, delivered a still-born baby.

She gave birth to a still-born baby due to negligence of the community hospital staff which is located in Bhopalpatnam town.

Her husband Harish Yalam lodged a complaint against hospital authorities and staff of negligence for the still-birth of their child and he also told that he will take this case to the collector if no action is taken on his complaint.

Harish said that the Hospital staff waited for the duty doctor to arrive to look at Lakshmi and when she went into labor and complained of severe pain fell on deaf ears.

Yalam said rains had swollen the river and the riverbed was slippery.

“We had to carry Lakshmi in a big utensil, with wooden poles across it. The ambulance met us at Gorla. We reached the Bhopalpatnam hospital by 3 pm (on July 13),” he said.

 “At 9PM, Lakshmi’s blood pressure started dropping but the other nurses started scolding her. Dr. Gopi Kishan on duty doctor arrived around 10:30 pm and operated on Lakshmi, he announced that the baby was stillborn.” Yalam added.

Harish lodged a complaint to Block Medical Officer Ajay Ramteke. He further said he will also meet the collector if no action is taken on his complaint.

Ramteke said that we have received the complaint and are investigating what happened that night action will be taken against it.

Harish (33) and Lakshmi (35) got married four years ago and are living in Mamidada village which is about 40 km from the district headquarters Bijapur. Both Harish and Lakshmi were expecting their first child. Both were staying at Lakshmi’s parent’s house in Minur village which was closer to the health centre in Bhopalpatnam.