Chhattisgarh: In an appalling incident from Chhattisgarh, a migrant worker who returned to Jashpur district of the state escaped from the quarantine centre and cut off his wife’s hand while she was on call with someone. The man suspected her of having an extra-marital affair and committed the crime to punish her.

The accused migrant is said to be identified as 25-year-old Lalit Korwa while the victim, his wife is said to be Piyar Bai.

According to a report, Korwa said that her wife’s phone was always found to be busy when he called her from the quarantine centre which made him upset. He also suspected that she might be having an affair. He ran from the quarantine centre scaling the boundary wall. And later picked up an axe to sever her hand when she was found talking on the phone.

Accusing the victim Piyar Bai of betrayal, he kept abusing her after committing the crime while she laid writhing in pain on the ground. Later, he ran away from the spot leaving the woman bleeding as her 2-year-old son sat wailing.

The investigating officers from Bagicha Police station stated that the accused husband has been arrested by the police and the victim was also rushed to the hospital soon. However, her hand could not be reattached as reported by the medical staff.