Jagdalpur: A shocking case of murder has taken place recently in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. In the quiet of the night deep in the major city, an old house holds two now lifeless bodies. Three people were attacked, out of which a woman and her son were killed, while the third one is in critical condition and currently receiving medical treatment in the hospital. It has produced a lot of uneasiness among the people in the region. When the Kotwali police received the murder report, they immediately reached the site, and the SP of Bastar started the operation. This blood bath took place close to Anupama Chowk on Dharampura Road.

Based on the information that is available, Gayatri Gupta, a 50-year-old woman from Anupama Chowk under Kotwali police station in Chhattisgarh, was survived by her two sons, namely Nilesh Gupta, aged 32 years and Nitesh Gupta, 29 years. Gayatri was doing small business and had a shop in front of their house. All three introduced themselves as attending a wedding ceremony last night and got back home around 11 PM.

At night, when the two were asleep, unknown people invaded the house through the rear door and started attacking them. The mother and the elder son succumbed to death while the aggressors restrained the younger son; Nitish stabbed him in the chest with the aid of a sharp edge and left him for dead by the bathroom. The culprits then took their heels out of the scene of the crime.

This morning, when the neighbours did not observe Gayatri Gupta in her house, they went on knocking on the door, but no response. Not long before they became suspicious, they opted to call the police using the Dial 112 service. Upon receiving the call, some people went to the place and forced the door to the house open. In the house, they only found the lifeless bodies of the mother and son and the younger son, injured, near the bathroom. He was, therefore, rushed to the hospital for treatment. It has provoked a lot of reactions across the society.

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