Raipur: The pandemic virus has put the world in extreme worst condition and doctors have become the new version of our knight in shining armors to battle the pandemic. While they take care of our entire country, we seldom think about their holistic care which includes their mental health.

On this context, the members of Chhattisgarh Travel Trade Association(CGTTA) celebrated “Doctors Day” in a very unique way by honoring 11 doctors from different parts of Raipur city.

The members of CGTTA visited the doctors in their clinics / hospitals and expressed their gratitude by thanking them for their services to the society. These frontline warriors were also presented with a protective face shield to keep them safe while rendering their services.

Along with this, a few bottles of hand sanitizers, face masks and some posters about COVID 19 awareness were also provided which in turn could be distributed among the underprivileged people who visit these clinics.

The members who actively participated in this event were Ritesh Mundhra, Kapil Jain, Satish Bhuwalka, Mahesh Bansal, Ricky Malhotra, Sumeet Agrawal, Dhawal Jadwani, Gautam Kakkar, Manoj Rathore,Jaspreet Bhatia and Saurabh Vyas.

While talking to One of the member of this association, Saurabh Vyas, MD, Vyas Travels, said that honoring the front-line warriors was our way of showing gratitude towards the doctors and this marks as the tribute to all those who worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic.

He also briefed us about how the association is helping out rickshaw puller, street vendors etc by providing them sanitizers and face masks.

“At this unprecedented times, it was the need to look out for the poor and destituted people of our society, we, Chhattisgarh Travel Trade Association, CGTTA, came-up with an Effort to distribute 51000 bottles of 100ML sanitizers to all the needy people of our state, where our main focus is on Fruit vendors, Rickshaw puller, Auto drivers, Street hawkers, Cobbler, homeless people & many more. So far our association has distributed more than 31000 sanitizers” he added.

Mahamaya Vaccines supported this event of CGTTA and they also participated in celebrating Doctors Day.

The doctors honored today included Dr. Yosuf Menon, Dr. Pehlajani, Dr. Pooja Dhupper, Dr. Ashok Bhattar, Dr. Sandeep Sahu, Dr. Sarabhai, Dr. Baghel, Dr. Arun Agrawala, Dr. Abbas Naqvi.