Raipur: A meeting was held on behalf of the Chhattisgarh Real Estate Broker Association with Finance Minister OP Chaudhary considering the raise of the registration fee. They called upon the minister to do something and eliminate these fees or at least bring them down. Furthermore, the association demanded the reduction of complicated matters with regard to nominations, the demarcations of new districts, and the diversions of cases, as these processes proved to be cumbersome most of the time.

According to Mahesh Arya, the president of the Chhattisgarh Real Estate Broker Association, everyone agreed with these requests. He pointed out that the association has presented several requests and recommendations to the government. Among paropted from the forum was a call for reconsidering the existing guidelines and the registration fees, which have recently been hiked. Arya also noted other issues of concern regarding land demarcation nomination and diversion, which require policies that enhance efficiency.

It also wanted to get grants or be affiliated with different government programs, including the Panchayat Yojana and shelter schemes for the poor. Arya noted that these are some key areas where REBs are involved in implementing social initiatives, with special reference to delivering Housing Board houses to the less privileged. They urged their active involvement in these programs, which the association holds dear.

Further, the association raised the matter of the structurally sound EWS houses in Kamal Vihar that were present even before the construction of houses in Lucknow’s Lalganj area. A lot of individuals had paid for these houses and this hindered the association called on the government to assist in the speedy solution of this problem. The current issues concerning the workers were later raised by the association, and according to Minister OP Chaudhary, they will be sorted out as soon as possible.

Arya also talked about the issue of the new proposed concept to make the registration token much simpler. It seeks to greatly minimize overcrowding and ensure that individuals can cater to their needs and finish their assignments on time. There is also a slight positive sentiment regarding the prospects of cutting down registration fees per the association’s recommendation, but the core government has been making noteworthy efforts in this regard.

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