Balodazar: In view of some violent events at the joint district office premises on June 10, 2024, in Chhattisgarh’s Balodabazar district, Section 144 has been extended again. However, this section will be effective from 4 PM today up to June 20, midnight. The extension of Section 144 was also taken during the Collector and SP meeting where people asked for stringent preventive measures toward the undesired disruption of peace in the border vicinity. He later directed the collector of the region, Deepak Soni, to extend the platform to enhance stability.

On the same note, while the skirmishes were raging, Rao, Bhajan Ludhwani, and Sanjay Maken with Randeep Surjewala, all condemned the unfortunate incident; BJP leader and Food Minister Dayal Das Baghel who came to assess some of the violence made substantial accusations against the Congress party. Addressing this incident, Minister Baghel directly pointed fingers at the Congress party for instigating and precipitating society in connection with the violence that took place in Balodabazar.

He alleged that the Congress had planned a sought to destabilise the society when the violence occurred in Balodabazar. Besides, he pointed out that the Congress was supposed to arrange food for 15,000 individuals, and the event was to provide food for them. Sinhawadi Minister Baghel started asking questions like, ‘Who is Devendra Yadav?” He further declared that effective immediately no type of rallies or processions will be held in Balodabazar municipal area.

The movement of people in groups of more than 5 people who are from other districts or outsiders will be restricted in Balodabazar. Any person found or suspected to possess a weapon like a firearm, sword, axe, spear, baton, knife, hatchet, hidden weapon, trident, Khukri, club, or any other similar weapon shall not enter or be found within the public places.

A few exclusions will be made whereby personnel on official business engaging in an armed struggle will be allowed to bear arms and ammunition. One important change will be that elders and disabled persons who cannot move around without the help of another person will be allowed to use an umbrella or a walking stick.

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