Raipur: The senior specialist and the team of the Radiology Department of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical College and Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital have conducted the first non-healing vertebral compression fracture (spinal fracture) vesseloplasty in the state for a 79-year-old woman who suffered from severe pain in her back. As the patient had tried to treat the condition for a period of several months, they had not experienced any relief.

With permission from the interventional radiology consultant, Dr. (Prof. ) Vivek Patre, the intervention called for the use of bone cement injected into a balloon-inflated cavity within the vertebral body affected by compression through a needle. This being a landmark vesseloplasty, the consultant can attest to it being the first occasion that he has employed pinhole technology for a similar form of pathology in the state.

Vertebral compression can be described as the outcome where one of the vertebrae breaks or deforms due to compromised bone quality, commonly observed in spinal cancer. Because bones become frail at this age, a simple stumble can make this problem worse; it is not unheard of to have spinal stenosis develop from fallen nurses or patients with compression fractures that narrow the spinal canal. This means that certain functions of the lower back can become limited and, in some cases, may even result in paralysis.

Dr Vivek Patre further explained the procedure’s process and the amount of care and precautions that need to take place because elderly patients are vulnerable, and the treatment also has higher risks. However, there were certain dangers involved that the medical team at the Ambedkar Hospital was not oblivious to during the procedure.

With such kinds of surgical procedures, it is important to have well-marked steps, and here, important steps included the administration of polymethyl methacrylate bone cement, where it was imperative to ensure that it was prepared appropriately within the most important three minutes. This ensures that the cement is in a stable condition. At the same time, injections it into the body so that it cannot start solidifying before the required area is targeted by the body conditions.

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