Bengaluru: Bengaluru police issued the confirmation over some email threats sent to three major hotels, including the Oterra Hotel, as per DCP South East Bengaluru. Law enforcement used prompt response in dispatching bomb disposal and detection squads to the areas. This comes a day after a similar incident that saw North Block, which houses the Ministry of Home Affairs, receiving a false bomb threat.

Earlier in April, many Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, UP, and Bengaluru schools were also affected, leading to great panic. However, the authorities were able to counter all the threats later on as they were found fake.

In this connection, the Delhi High Court has called for a detailed report on the spurt, which apparently has been a matter of grave concern. In its report submitted in the court on May 17, Delhi Police read a detailed account stating that there were 5 bomb disposal squads for different city areas and 18 bomb detection teams. As many schools have either been under threat or attack, in other cases, questions have been raised about the absence of a systematic approach for handling such dangers as well as the safety of students.

In addition, following the top transnational cybercrime incidences from Southeast Asian countries, including Cambodia, the government has set up an inter-ministerial committee. This meeting comprises law enforcement as well as intelligence agencies intending to combat the rising rates of cyber threats.

Speaking of the recent increase in bomb threat emails across India, Rajesh Kumar, CEO of the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C), said these messages were sent using a VPN. He further underlined the cooperation of the investigative agencies with their counterparts, aiming to isolate the masterminds behind such briefs.

Criminal cooperation in cyberspace is an emerging phenomenon, showing the importance of covering preventive measures and multilateral cooperation against types of cybercrime. As investigations into these matters go on, it is crucial to safeguard the community’s and citizens’ lives and properties.

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