Thane: A tragic event occurred in Maharashtra, specifically in the Thane district of Dombivli, where a chemical factory located at Phase II of the Dombivli MIDC industrial area had experienced a boiler explosion. The tragedy happened when four boilers of the Amber Chemical Company exploded and ignited a fire which razed the building.

Like a line of cans packed with blazing substances, the drums detonated and released a turbid, turbulent stream of violent abrasion that burst the factory’s windows and horrified the surrounding community. The combustible substances found in the highlighted buildings caused the fire to quickly spread further inside neighbouring houses and apartments.

Approaching the emergency immediately, fire brigades hurried to the scene and organised a critical attempt to extinguish the reciprocating fire. Despite the great threats from the highly increased level of the fire and the mentioned hazardous materials, the firefighters continued performing their jobs. They tried to put the fire off and minimize the scale of the tragedy.

When the smoke began rising and the fire crackling, never letting up, the town’s citizens could only expect the worst. Amazingly, while the region’s residents endured tragedy, reports from the scene showed no fatalities in the disaster. However, it may be noted that the loss of life was accompanied by a fair degree of casualties, thereby causing many people to be injured in the blast and subsequent fire that engulfed the region.

Some of the injured people reported cases of shooting which had left them in critical condition with their lives at risk to be saved. The unexpected incident put a dark shadow of doubt on the members of the society, and relatives were eagerly waiting for their near and dear ones with the hope of finding them alive while people were actually facing the ugly side of the tragedy.

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