The scheduling patterns of the T20 World Cup 2024 pose considerable challenges for Pakistan; however, despite the bitter feeling of the defeat in the recent match against India, they must quickly turn their attention to this competition. There is no time to waste for Babar Azam’s squad to sulk on their last defeat or lacklustre performance, as they have less than 48 hours to prepare for Canada. At first, formats appearing one after the other appeared to be a plus as the Caribbeans could build on momentum derived from a hypothetical win over India to correct for the loss to the USA. But now it has the purpose of a true endurance trial where the contestants are challenged to their limits.

Slightly surprisingly, Canada appeared to be at least somewhat superior to Pakistan, particularly given that they could now seek to take advantage of the psychological ascendency achieved in the prior match. Saad Bin Zafar has managed the bowling side of the table astutely, both in batting plus the skilful bowling side. They have shown their fighting spirit and character to come back from the for the heartbeat of the USA to dominate Ireland in the subsequent game. However, the superior fielding also forms another layer of a danger that this team poses to others.

This particular game has lots of meaning for Canada as the team is eager to challenge for the position in Group A and earn a place in the further rounds of the tournament. Coming against a Pakistan side with their morale on the floor, Canada has their strongest attribute of versatility in the form of batting, bowling, and fielding which can turn the tide in their favour easily. The game could not have been set in a more tactical perfect situation for Canada to hit Pakistan where it would cause the most damage to their morale.

Namely, Pakistan has a rather difficult task of quickly overcoming their recent loss, which is why the Canadians are eager to build on their success and try to become a threat during the remaining matches of the tournament. Indeed, as the two sides face each other, watching the actual event is not only about victory and loss but also about the psychological warfare and the tenacity that players exhibit when confronted with different challenges.

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