Trending: Kohli posted an Instagram video trimming his beard and said in the caption, “When we are all indoors, it is very important to do stuff that makes you feel good. Being well dressed is one of those things. Is the one that keeps me in the zone. So I thought about trimming my beard at home and giving myself this new look. Now I want you all to take the #TrimAtHome challenge and Post your new look! ”he said.

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen, who played alongside Kohli in his Indian Premier League side Royal Challengers Bangalore in his later years, responded to the post.
“Does this get rid of your gray friend?” Peterson said.

Kohli was one of the players who Peterson recently chatted live on Instagram, as the coronovirus epidemic had halted cricket’s action and limited all players and commentators to their homes.The two cricketers recently took part in an Instagram live session, where Virat talked in detail about his career, delving into his initial years in cricket, and his struggles on his first tour to England.

On Thursday, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League was postponed till further notice after the nation-wide lockdown was extended till May 3 due to coronavirus outbreak.