Gurgaon: Recent rains and floods have affected vegetable prices. While tomato prices surged to Rs. 90 a Kg, Dhaniya has gone way too far to reach Rs. 140 for 100gm. This means Dhaniya now costs a whooping Rs. 1400 a Kg. In this situation, vegetable vendors have stopped complementary dhaniya with a bag of vegetables.

Highlighting the situation, Harsh Upadhyay, a resident of Gurgaon, shared a screenshot of the humble herb retailing at Rs. 131 for 100 grams on Zepto. The picture showed that it was discounted @22%. Moreover, the cost of ‘Coriander Leaves Premium’ was Rs. 141 per 100 grams. The tweet grabbed attention and largely encountered amused and surprised reactions on the tweet. Many also showed a quick comparison of the herb on other platform. It was available for Rs. 40 for 100 grams on Blinkit.

Why is Your Free Dhaniya Missing

Every year, rains and floods have an impact on the vegetable prices. This results in affecting your daily vegetable basket. Last year in July, the prices of vegetables in Noida and Ghaziabad region increased by 30-50 percent. While tomatoes reached Rs. 160 per kg, prices of onion, brinjal, radish, and peas sored by 33%. Tomato prices have already gone up this year in all major vegetable markets of Delhi including Okhla, Azadpur, and Ghazipur Mandi.

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