Google Doodle isn’t just a search bar, but a mini accordion! Fire up your browser and you’ll be greeted with a familiar Google logo, with a delightful ode of the accordion! This is a playful tribute to this beloved instrument which is best known for its expandable bellows and rich presence across different musical styles.

Google Doodle Accordion reminds the story that dates back in 1829. As the name suggests, it reflects its core function; ‘accord’ a German word that means ‘chord’. It aptly explains the Accordion’s ability to produce full chords with a single button or key.

The instrument was initially popular among the musicians of Europe, however, its portability and versatility propelled to worldwide fame later. Today’s Google Doodle capture that charm. The logo itself captures the transformation as it contracts or expands when played.

According to the recent blog posted by Google, “Throughout the late 1800s manufacturers in Germany increased their accordion production due to its popularity among folk musicians across Europe. Early accordions had buttons on just one side, and each of these buttons created the sound of an entire chord. Another impressive feature is that the same button could produce two chords-oone when the bellows were expanding and another when the bellows were contracting.”

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