Frankfurt, Germany: As COVID 19 continues to hit the world hard, there are many sectors which are suffering due to this pandemic outbreak. There have been reports of soon world will witness the biggest economic crisis ever. Amidst this, German state finance minister took his own life after expressing “despair” over how to handle the economic fallout from coronavirus.

Schaefer, 54, was found dead near a railway track on Saturday. The Wiesbaden prosecution’s office said they believe he died by suicide.

State governor Volker Bouffier said his death was linked to the coronavirus on Sunday. “I have to assume that these worries overwhelmed him,” Bouffier said. “He apparently couldn’t find a way out. He was in despair and left us.”

Authorities investigating Schaefer’s death said questioning witnesses led them to conclude that he died by suicide.

Germany has reportedly drawn up large aid packages to boost the economy during the downturn caused by COVID-19. According to the sources, the country currently has over 60,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, and over 480 deaths.