New Delhi: A 26 year old, junior resident, Dr. Abhishek Bhayana, who showed all signs of COVID symptoms, died on Thursday morning, after testing Negative twice for the coronavirus.

Worked at Delhi’s Maulana Azad Institute for Dental Sciences (MAIDS), Abhishek was posted in the department of oral surgery of the dental institute. 

Hours before he passed away, Bhayana complained of chest congestion and shortage of breath to his elder brother Aman. “I am having breathing issues. All my symptoms are of corona… I will be 100% positive,” said Dr Abhishek Bhayana (26) on Thursday morning.

Recalling the previous night, he spend with his brother, Aman said: “On Thursday morning, he started to feel dizzy. Before that, he was perfectly fine. I kept telling him that nothing will happen to him… We still can’t believe he is not with us. Our parents are in shock.” 

According to the family, he started experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms around 10 days ago and had complained of throat pain and cough. 

“We took him to a chest specialist. An X-ray was performed and we were told he has a chest infection. We were under the impression that it was nothing but viral fever. But he kept saying the symptoms were not of chest infection as he was having shortness of breath,” his brother said.

He was fit and healthy. The negative result may come due to several other reasons. Till his last breath, he kept saying he had symptoms of coronavirus. The doctors there started administering oxygen to him but it was too late by then,” said Aman.

Dr. Abhishek Bhayana secured rank 21 in the AIIMS MDS exam, and travelled to Rohtak on June 26 to appear for counselling. 

He was a diligent and hardworking doctor. Despite having all the symptoms of coronavirus, his test did not come positive. He died of a heart attack,” said a senior doctor from MAIDS.