The Supreme Court has criticized the Delhi Government for mishandling the COVID-19 dead bodies. The government has been allegedly criticized after the petition was filed against them. There has been a sharp drop in the testing and screening of COVID-19 patients as the number of coronavirus cases has been rising up. 

The Supreme Court has also notified the LNJP Hospital of the rapid growth of the coronavirus cases, however,  the number of testing has lowered. The court has asked the hospital for justification of such action. The Apex body said  “There is a problem in Delhi, testing has gone down from 7,000 to 5,000 per day. Why has your testing gone down? Tell us why testing numbers are reducing in Delhi.”

The Delhi Government has been notified of the lower number of tests being conducted in this month as compared to the last month. The three bench judges said that the COVID-19 patients in Delhi are being treated worse than animals. Additionally, in some cases, the hospitals are not informing the family of the deceased. The court has enquired of the reason for not admitting COVID-19 patients in the hospitals in spite of the availability of the beds for the patients with well equipped and adequate structure.

The court has reminded the state that they have the sole duty to treat all the patients equally. It is the responsibility of the state to provide the manpower and all the help for the treatment of the patients. The court has also claimed that the media has revealed the pathetic condition of the patients in Delhi. The hospitals are not acting as per the MHA guidelines. 

Alongside, the Supreme Court has slammed other states namely, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu over the treatment of patients in the government-run hospitals. 

The three-judge bench would set up an inquiry related to the treatment of the patients, behaviour towards the family of the deceased, formalities in the last rites and so on. The next hearing would be on June 17.