Bollywood: Superstar Salman Khan gives the mantra to enjoy your work and keep yourself busy even amid the lockdown. The actor has been at his farmhouse in  Panvel along with his friends & family since the coronavirus lockdown. However, the actor has used this time smartly to produce a new music video for a song sung by him, titled Tere Bina. The special thing about this video is that it is a DIY(Do it yourself) which has been shot with just three people.

The actor provided some back story about how the song came into being. In a recent video, Salman said, “Back home in Bandra, we have a neighbour, Ajju (Ajay) Bhatia, who would keep asking me to sing for him. So far, I have sung four songs for him. Tere Bina is one of those. It wasn’t fitting into any of my films, so we decided to release it now.

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, the actor had shot & released another music video titled “Pyar Karona” earlier in April. However, the new video looks more interesting with the complete view of his farmhouse starring Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan. 

Elaborating about the idea of video shoot at the farmhouse, the actor said, “About seven weeks ago, when we came to the farm, we didn’t know that we would be here under a lockdown. So, we wanted to keep ourselves busy, and that’s when we decided to do these songs.”

Jacqueline has recently stated that the entire video was shot with the help of just three people; Salman, herself, and a DOP. She said that Salman had directed the video along with singing the track.She further added that she was in charge of setting up the lights.

A teaser of the new music video shows the duo- Salman & Jacqueline riding horses, a bike, and exploring the landscape. The actors revealed details about the song in an Instagram chat with actor Waluscha De Sousa, who is also at the farmhouse with them. The song that was shot over four days, is his “cheapest production” till date, revealed Salman.


Meanwhile, the actor and his family have returned to their Bandra residence amidst the on-going lockdown. In an interview on instagram, Salman revealed that this has been the longest he’s rested and he is dying to get back to work soon. 

On spending time with family, he said, “I was wanting to spend quality time with family, my family was here with me, Arpita, her kids, mummy, all were here. But now they have returned home.” 

Being the philanthropist that he is, Salman Khan hadn’t stopped lending a helping hand to the needy and had launched a food-truck called Being Hangry to fund the expenses of daily wagers of the film industry.