With no availability of Shramik trains, the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood helped over 177 stranded migrants. Most of them worked in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. These women resigned their jobs in the pandemic in order to return back to their hometown in Odisha.

More than 170 women migrants were left stranded as they couldn’t find the tickets of the Shramik Trains available. The women were expecting to return home and thus, they had resigned their jobs from the textile industry. With no immediate availability of Shramik trains, the women were forced to stay in Kerala. The resignation of the job left them without money. Out of desperation, the women sought help from the actor who had become an internet sensation in the lockdown due to his generous act of sending back the migrants. 

The actor arranged a chartered flight for these stranded migrants. The flight took off from Cochin International Airport, Ernakulam district in Kerala to Bhubaneswar. Out of 151 migrants, 9 migrants were working for Bawa Wood Industry in Kerala.

The actor coming seeing the plight of these women migrants, he immediately set his way off to help these stranded people. TNM helped to link the Odisha government with the stranded migrants, it had earlier reported about the story of 151 migrants who were working in the KITEX factory.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the actor has launched a toll-free number in order to facilitate the stranded migrant labourers reach their homes during the ongoing coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Meanwhile, Over 165 migrant workers were ferried back home to Jharkhand from Mumbai in a chartered flight, which was arranged by the alumni network of a Bengaluru-based law school, making it the first such instance in the country amid the coronavirus-triggered lockdown.