The leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, on Thursday, shared a five-minute video on the social media platform X narrating his experience travelling to relief camps in Manipur and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the violence-ravaged state. In the video, Rahul Gandhi redirects to the existing struggle in Manipur, stressing that homes are still being burnt, the lives of many are endangered, and thousands of families are in relief camps. After the visit, he wrote, ‘‘Manipur is in severe distress’’.

During his third visit to Manipur after the violence started in May 2023, Gandhi said that the state had been split into two parts. He appealed to PM Modi to physically come down to Manipur, open houses, listen to the suffering masses in the state and call for a poll. Gandhi is shown in the video comforting five people who narrate to him their ordeal of the ethnic clashes.

A woman from the relief camp of Jiribam said that her grandmother is still in the conflict area, and she has no means to check her well-being. “If we call her, even if she will answer the call, she cannot come here, and we also cannot go there,” she responded. A woman in a relief camp at Thalai, Assam, described her brother’s untimely death due to medical care negligence and stressed the dearth of medical facilities that should be offered by the government. Rahul Gandhi then made a commitment to her to ensure that the Congress party provided the necessary support in terms of providing medicine to the camp.

During an interaction with survivors within the Churachandpur relief camp in Manipur, the latter said, “If the Government wants to stop the conflict, it can do so very quickly. ” This area saw the first clashes on May 3 in response to a Kuki-led march against a Manipur High Court ruling.

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