Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Austria on a two-day visit from Russia to deepen the relationship and solve existing and potential issues. It is the first time a sitting Indian Prime Minister has visited Austria in more than 40 years, the last being Indira Gandhi in 1983. During his stay, Prime Minister Modi is privileged to meet another senior political personality in the Austrian nation, Chancellor Karl Nehammer. He is expected to sit down with President Alexander Van der Bellen of the Republic of Austria.

This involves first interacting with key managers from the Austrian and Indian business communities, a joint session in which the Chancellor and the Prime Minister will speak to the audience. Before his departure to Austria, before meeting with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Prime Minister Modi said that both countries should look at strengthening bilateral cooperation rooted in democratic values, liberty, and the supremacy of law.

His statement followed Austrian Chancellor Nehammer’s enthusiastic remarks: “I very much look forward to welcoming Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India – the largest democracy in the world – next week in Vienna,” Nehammer said, adding that this visit is a special honour as it is the first official visit of an Indian Prime Minister within the last 40 years and is symbolic as we are commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our two countries.

Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit is considered the turning point of India and Austria’s relationship. It is when both countries are marking seventy-five years of diplomatic relationship, so this visit signifies a lot. As soon as Prime Minister Modi landed in Vienna on Wednesday, he was accompanied by several performances of the Indian national song ‘Vande Mataram’ by Austrian talents.

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