One of the most trending and the burning case of country “Nirbhaya rape case” has taken a new turn. Four accused have been penalized to death in the country’s famous Nirbhaya gang-rape case. Three times the hanging has been adjourned in this case. Now the date of hanging them has been fixed for the fourth time on 20 March.

 Before this, the wife of one of the prime denounced has filed for divorce in court from the accused husband.Akshay’s wife, accused in the Nirbhaya incident, has filed a divorce application in Aurangabad court in Bihar. In the filed application, Akshay’s wife said that she cannot live with the tag of a widow for a life time, so she should be divorced.

Akshay Thakur, hailing from Karma village in Aurangabad, is guilty of the Nirbhaya incident and is scheduled to be hanged on March 20 in Delhi’s Tihar Jail along with three of his conspirators. Prior to this, his wife has filed this application in Aurangabad court, on which the hearing is scheduled to be held on March 19.Akshay Thakur’s wife Punita said in the application that the husband has been convicted in the rape case of Nirbhaya and is to be hanged as a punishment from the court. Akshay’s wife has written in the application that my husband is innocent, in such a situation, I do not want to be his widow, so he should divorce from her husband.Akshay’s wife’s lawyer Mukesh Kumar Singh says that the woman has a legal right to divorce under rape or other cases under the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act. The lawyer says that if the husband is convicted in a rape case, then the woman has the right to divorce. The Aurangabad Family Court will hear this on March 19. On March 20, the hanging of Nirbhaya’s accused has been fixed.