TMC MP Sougata Roy stated that he reacted to threatening phone calls after the arrest of the TMC leader, Jyant Singh. Singh, involved in a case of mob violence incident that occurred on June 30 in Ariadaha, North 24 Parganas district, was arrested last week. Roy, a four-term MP representing Dum Dum Lok Sabha constituency encompassing Ariadaha, recounted the threatening calls: “I got threatening phone, a male unknown number telling me to ensure Jayant singh’s release or else I would be killed, the same male told me that I would be killed should I visit Ariadaha. ”

MP Sougata Roy immediately reported the matter to the Barrackpore Police Commissioner and lodged a complaint, asking the authorities to pursue the matter in tracking the caller.

Describing Singh’s arrest, Roy emphasized their allegations that Singh used physical violence against a college student and the latter’s mother, as it was recorded at the moment. The police later apprehended a person in connection with the case with Singh, a close associate, making the third arrest in connection with the case. Further, Singh has been served with a stop Mutu case based on a prior video of a girl who was attacked by a group of miscreants in the Ariadaha area.

Singh was arrested in 2023 and bailed out with certain restrictions regarding unlawful acts; however, Singh later committed other crimes, which brought him new charges. The developments heighten the tension of the situation’s ongoing legal activities and increase public awareness in the region.

Roy’s information raises the political and legal implications attached to Singh’s arrest, especially considering allegations of criminal activities and public outrage.

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