Kolkata: A new hope floated in the city of Kolkata when Abhishek Ray (54) survived COVID-19 case.  He is a resident of Kolkata who was surviving with the help of an artificial heart and lung support system for 12 long hours. 

He is one of the 345 coronavirus patients who survived the virus and recovered from it. Ray has now returned home after the medical treatment. He was being treated for the past 24 hours. In spite of being on Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), Ray survived the fatality. 

The patient was admitted to the Medica Superspeciality Hospital on May 25. His oxygen level dropped in spite of being on ventilation. On seeing his worsening condition, he was given on ECMO on May 28. The procedure includes that the patient would survive on artificial hearts and lungs due the multiple organ dysfunction and COVID encephalopathy. The doctors along with the nursing team and the contribution of the sister Deepamol and Brother Veenish, the patient had been saved. The condition of the patient was critical and he had to put him on the dialysis for acute kidney injury. 

However, none of his family members has been affected by the novel coronavirus. Ray recovered with the support of ECMO and finally within a couple of days, the patient recovered. ECMO had proved to work in case the role of ventilator diminished. The severe COVID-19 case of Ray showed a new hope to the people who are diagnosed with an acute case of COVID-19.