INDIA: The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the country. According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the number of infected patients has increased to 2547 nationwide. Among them, 2322 are active cases and 162 people have completely recovered or have been discharged from the hospital. And so far 62 people have died due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, one elderly person died in Gujarat today, while 21 cases have been reported in Rajasthan, 12 in Andhra Pradesh, eight in Haryana, six in Agra in UP, one in Dharavi in ​​Mumbai and one in Goa.

Five people died from Corona in Delhi so far.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated that due to Coronavirus five people died so far in Delhi and one of them was from Nizamuddin Markaz. There is a rapid increment of corona cases in Delhi, 91 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. A total number of cases raise to 384 in Delhi. Total of 384 corona-infected patients has been found so far in Delhi. There has been an increase of 91 cases in the last 24 hours. In 384 cases, 58 patients have traveled abroad. Many of them are not from Delhi, but they were quarantined here.