INDIA: The frontrunner Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is in its final leg of testing. Vaccine makers are going to move to Phase 3 after achieving a promising and safe result. It is the most crucial stage of developing a vaccine. 

The company has tied up with Serum Institute of India to produce doses which will also enable to conduct experimental testing in India. 

Oxford has made ambitious promises to India to deliver a large dose of vaccine and to other developing countries. 

AZD1222 is safe, well-tolerated and immunogenic. Oxford vaccine might be one of the first to be launched globally. Many testing will need to be performed to declare it safe to use. Department of biotechnology is supporting good hand for the same. 

“This is an essential step because it is necessary to have data within the country before the vaccine is administered to Indians”, said Ms Renu Swarup, Secretary of Department of Biotechnology (DBT). 

The trials are expected to begin in the first weeks of August and close around December. Serum Institute of India has also ramped up production plans so as to have millions of doses available as and when the vaccine gets approved for usage. The price is kept feasible for everyone. 

Certain debates also took place between philanthropists and governing health bodies, SII will also reserve doses for Indian population. 

The vaccine may be limited under Rs. 1000 as they don’t want to make “profit” out of the pandemic.