INDIA: The number of COVID-19 cases in India is rapidly increasing day by day. India has progressed to the 7th position surpassing France & Germany. With this substantial increase in number of cases and no vaccine, India may soon become the worst hit country in the world.

India’s COVID-19 count inched closer to the grim milestone of 2 lakh-mark. The states registered over 8,000 fresh cases for the third straight day. The total number of coronavirus patients in India rose to 198,706.

Atleasr 204 deaths were reported on Monday, the third highest number of deaths in a single day, taking the total to 5598. Maharashtra alone reported 76 deaths on Monday.

The number of active COVID-19 patients in the country rose to 97,581 on Tuesday. India stands at fifth position in highest number of active cases in the world and the numbers continue to rise with no sign of relief. On the positive side, 95,526 people were recovered from the disease. India’s recovery rate from novel coronavirus disease zoomed to 48% on Tuesday, the highest so far.

Maharashtra continues to record the highest fresh cases in the country while Tamil Nadu registered its biggest one day surge with over 1100 in the last 24 hours. However, there’s a slight decline in fresh cases reported from National Capital.

Top States/UTs to record Highest fresh cases:

Name of State / UTNew casesNew deaths
Tamil Nadu116211
Uttar Pradesh2524

Maharashtra is the worst-affected area with 36040 active cases. The state has currently reported 29329 cured cases and 2286 deaths. There are 67655 total cases of coronavirus. 

Delhi has reported 10893 active cases with 8478 discharged cases and 473 deaths. The state has reported 19844 cases of coronavirus so far.

Gujarat has 5822 active cases with 9919 cured cases and 1038 deaths. There is 16779 total of coronavirus cases.

Tamil Nadu has 22333 total cases of coronavirus. The state has 9403 active cases with 12757 cured cases and 173 deaths. 

Out of 7823 total cases in Uttar Pradesh, 2901 cases are active cases of coronavirus. The state has 4709 cases of curedpatients and 213 deaths. 

Madhya Pradesh has reported 8089 cases of coronavirus, out of which 2897 cases are active. The state has reported 4842 curedcases and 350 deaths.

There are certain states in India where the active cases are lower in number. Some north-east states have shown the lowest number of coronavirus cases. This has made them a safe haven.

Some north-east states such as Mizoram has reported only 1 case of coronavirus. The state has now 0 cured/ migrated/ discharged cases and deaths. Nagaland has 43 active cases with 0 cured/ migrated/ discharged cases and deaths. 

Although, Assam has reported having one of the highest numbers of coronavirus cases amongst all north-east states. The state has reported 1083 active cases with 185 cured/ migrated/ discharged cases and 4 deaths. So far, Assam has recorded 1272 cases of coronavirus.

In contrary to Assam, Sikkim has reported only 1 active case of coronavirus. The state has neither show any cases of cured/ migrated/ discharged nor any death reports. Nagaland has 43 active cases that are considered to be total cases of infection. Just like Sikkim, the state has not reported any cured/ migrated/ discharged cases with nill deaths.

The active increasing of coronavirus has resulted in a strong change in lifestyle. With new guidelines initiated by the government, the country has immensely failed to control the cases of coronavirus. 

STATE/UTs Highlights:

S. No.Name of State / UTActive Cases*Deaths**Total Confirmed cases*
2Tamil Nadu1014118423495
6Madhya Pradesh29223588283
7Uttar Pradesh30152178075
8West Bengal31413255772
10Andhra Pradesh1341643783
13Jammu and Kashmir1624312601
23Himachal Pradesh2135340
30Andaman and Nicobar Islands0033
32Arunachal Pradesh21022
33Dadar Nagar Haveli203