India: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on wednesday announced that Indian government has approved world’s largest food security scheme that will benefited to around 80 cr indians. He said in a press conference that rice and wheat will be provided at concessional rates for the next three months. “The cost of wheat which is at Rs 27/kg will be provided at Rs. 2/kg and the cost of rice which is at Rs. 37/kg will be provided at Rs. 3/kg.”

This decision is taken after the announcement of nationwide lockdown yesterday by PM Modi, urging people to stay inside their houses and maintain social distancing for the next 21 days to fight Covid-19 pandemic. 

After the announcement of lockdown, there was an upsurge demand for grocery and daily items in the market. People can be seen panicking all across the country. The cabinet minister also assured that there will be no shortage of food products and essential goods during these 21 days lockdown. “The 21-day lockdown is important. Spend quality time with your family and do not resort to panic-buying. Essential items will be available throughout the country,” he said