NEW DELHI: Coronavirus infection is spreading his wings very fast in India. In the context of new cases India has crossed the 20,000 marks, currently, a total number of coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases in India rose to 20,471 by Wednesday, with 645 of them dead, With this horrifying figure India has joined 17 countries including America, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, with more than 20 thousand cases of infection

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India has currently 15,859 active cases and 3,959 cured/discharged cases.

So far 645 people death registered in the country due to infection, in which maximum number are 251 from Maharashtra, 90 in Gujarat, 76  in Madhya Pradesh, 47 in Delhi, 25 in Rajasthan, 23 from Telangana and. Death  20 people deceased in Uttar Pradesh due to COVID-19.Telangana and 22 people died in Andhra Pradesh. There have been 20 deaths in Uttar Pradesh due to infection. According to recent Health Ministry data, the highest number of infected patients found at Maharashtra with the figure of 5,229, It is followed by Gujarat (2,178), Delhi (2,156), Rajasthan (1,659), Madhya Pradesh (1,552) Tamil Nadu (1,596), and in Uttar Pradesh 1,294.

World update on coronavirus:

Globally, 2,576,099 people have been infected and 178,677 have died so far.