INDIA: On Wednesday, India has recorded the biggest one day spike in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths, with 9,304 new cases and 270 deaths in the last 24 hours. Among the Asian countries, it is the highest fatalities reported in the last 24 hours.

Out of 9,304 new positive cases, Maharashtra,the worst hit state has reported nearly 27% of them with 2560 new infections in the state. The total count of the state is now approaching 75,000 mark with nearly 40,000 active cases. The death toll in the state too is nearing the 2600 mark.

At present, there are 2,16,919 confirmed cases with a death toll of 6,075 in the country. The ratio of active cases and the patients who have recovered so far is almost 1:1, with 1,06,737 patients who are struggling against the disease and there are 1,04,106 people who have been recovered from the deadly virus. India has the fourth highest number of active cases in the world and the numbers continue to rise with no sign of relief.

Top 10 states reporting maximum cases : 

Tamil Nadu25,872
Uttar Pradesh8,729
Madhya Pradesh8,588
West Bengal6,508

Tamil Nadu has reported the second highest coronavirus cases with over 25000. The active cases in the state have reached 11,348.The total cases in the state is 25,872 with a death toll of 208.

While the top ten worst hit states account for more than 90% of the total cases in the country, many other states are also reporting substantial number of patients indicating a much faster transmission of the virus in the country.

States Reporting maximum deaths : 

Madhya Pradesh371
West Bengal345
Uttar Pradesh229
Tamil Nadu208
Andhra Pradesh68

Contrary to all these states, the northeast states have performed better, the total number of cases registered from the seven sisters is 2400. Assam has the highest number of coronavirus cases amongst northeast. The state has reported 1255 active cases with 413 cured cases and 68 deaths.

Next in line is Manipur with 80 active cases and 38 cured cases followed by Arunachal Pradesh, 37 active cases and 1 discharged case. Meghalaya has 19 active cases with 13 discharged cases and 1 death. Mizoram has 13 active cases and 1 discharged case. Nagaland has 58 active cases with 0 cured/ migrated/ discharged cases and 0 deaths. Sikkim has reported only 2 cases so far. 

Chhattisgarh has reported 486 active cases of coronavirus. The state has reported 189 discharged cases and 2 deaths. 

The constant rise in the coronavirus cases have led to huge damage in the economy. India has stood 7th in a row. There has been no record of vaccines yet.