INDIA: As India is preparing to extend the lockdown for 2 more weeks. There will be few guidelines to follow in this proposed extended lockdown. The central is planning to bifurcate the areas all across the country into three category – Red, Orange and Green, based on the number of covid_19 positive cases in the area. In this proposed lockdown extension, it is speculated that small scale businesses & shops will be allowed to function in safer zones.

This extended shutdown was proposed by many states CM to PM via the video conferencing that held yesterday but this time it will function as “smart lockdown” with severe restrictions in affected districts, and partial lifting of restrictions in unaffected districts, along with the opening up of some sectors to meet the economic challenge said government official.

According to the sources, Central is planning to demarcate the entire country into three zones depending on the areas impacted of the covid_19 outbreak.

What are the three zones and how they will be helpful in economic activity ?

  • Red Zone: According to PTI, red zone will denote the danger areas where covid_19 impacted the most. No activity will take place in this zone. The areas which were declared as hotspots and epicenters will be under red zones.
  • Orange Zone: Minimum activities will be allowed in Orange Zone, these are the areas where the number of covid_19 are extremely less and can be succumbed. The activities such as farming, public transportation etc will be allowed in limited accessibility, PTI reported.
  • Green Zone: This is the safest zone which has not seen or heard any covid_19 cases so far and can be marked as virus free areas. Some MSME industries falling under the green zone will be allowed to function with in-house lodging facilities for employees with proper maintenance of social distance, according to PTI.

In the meeting with Prime Minister on Saturday, chief ministers reportedly rooted for limited movement of people in the extended lockdown period. They also asked for opening of liquor shops since these generate a substantial part of the state revenue.

If the sources to be believed that PM Narendra Modi has already asked the government officials to provide a proper guidelines with exemption clauses and he may announce it to the entire nation on Monday or Tuesday.