INDIA: In a daily press briefing by the department of central health and family welfare department, today joint secretary at the ministry Luv Agarwal stated that in the absence of a nationwide lockdown and containment measures, the number of coronavirus infections in the country could have reached the two-lakh mark.

He also added If we had not taken any measures, then we might have had two lakh cases at this time. So far India has recorded total 7,447 coronavirus infections, resulting in 239 deaths so far.

Agarwal said that 643 people have recovered from a coronavirus infection till date, since it first surfaced in the country on Jan 30

He highlighted that 1,035 new cases have surfaced in the last 24 hours, which include 40 deaths, which is the highest number of one day cases registered in the country.

Emphasizing on the measures taken by Indian government,Lav Agrawal, said that “India’s response to COVID19 has been proactive. We have followed a graded approach. There are 586 COVID19 dedicated hospitals and more than 1 lakh isolation beds in the country.”