Prayagraj: Amidst coronavirus, ‘Umbrella Technique’, has been adopted by government shopkeeper in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh to ensure social distancing among the buyers. The shopkeeper has made it compulsory to bring an umbrella and stand opening it to maintain the norms of social distancing. The shopkeeper at Rajapur area of Prayagraj has implemented the idea suggested by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

This innovative method would help to create a distance between 1 metre to 1.5 metres among the buyers. Also, masks along with an umbrella have been ensured to buy basic ration from the shop.

Reportedly, almost 50 people were queued up to buy the ration wearing masks and opening an umbrella to maintain a distance from one another. 

A few months back, the same technique was introduced at Bannerghatta National Park (BBP) where staff working in the field had been reported using the very technique to maintain distancing. 

Earlier, Kerala village was the one which followed this technique of using umbrella for social distancing. To encourage this norm, the local body also distributed at least 10,000 umbrellas to its residents.

Notably, The ‘umbrella technique’ was suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his video conference to ensure social distancing (2 gajj ki doori) between people. 

—- Tanmaya Das