Delhi: Corona Virus is reportedly the worst nightmare of any individual. With no cure and exponential spreading, this virus becomes the deadliest and most dangerous to mankind in the history of it. But at the same time, this virus is helping in healing environment that has gone through continuous assaults by humans over all the years. In Delhi, the visual of Yamuna river being clean, and the survey conducted by Delhi Jal board says a lot of nature reviving itself.

As India is undergoing on a 21-days nationwide lockdown since March 25. In order to curb the spread of the Pandemic, this was imposed by PM Narendra Modi. Recent pictures of Yamuna river from New Delhi , which has been plagued by pollution for years ,show that the whole water quality is improving. 

Due to less pollution mainly because of less transport air quality index have been improved drastically. Furthermore, because of the recent rainfall the water level have also improved. Recently some migratory birds were also seen returning and so was the marine life. 

Raghav Chadha, the vice-chairman of the Delhi Jal Board, has said the survey of the Yamuna river water has found improvement in its quality. “After testing the water of Yamuna river at many places in Delhi, we have come to know that the quality of water of Yamuna river has improved,” Chadha said.

Meanwhile, several photographs and videos claiming improvement in the quality of Yamuna river water in Delhi are doing rounds on social media.