India: As the entire world is gearing up to fight the battle against this deadliest pandemic outbreak, one such medicine that is doing the round and making everyone believe it can cure the virus is anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine or HCQ.

According to the lastest report, India is all set to provide this vaccine to entire world, as India is the largest producer of pharmaceutical drugs and has stock of 3 crore HCQ tablets as per the source, India has now announced the first list of 13 countries that are set to receive this medicinal drug to fight Covid_19.

The first list of 13 countries includes– US, Spain, Germany, Bahrain, Brazil, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic.

Addressing the media on Friday, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, Dammu Ravi, said, “A lot of requests for HCQ were already there and taking into view domestic stock and requirement while keeping a sufficient buffer, a decision was taken by the Group of Ministers to release some of the surplus medicine for export purposes.”

Dammu Ravi also informed that there will be two more such consignments of the coveted drug that will be exported to foreign nations.

Amid the speculation of sufficient HCQ stock, health ministry informed that in the coming week, India will require 1 crore tablets for domestic use and current stock stands at over 3.28 crore.

According to the sources, United States had asked for 48 lakh tablets of hydroxychloroquine. Meanwhile India has only approved of 35.82 lakhs tablets along with India 9 metric tonne (MT) API (active pharmaceutical ingredient).

The Ministry of External Affairs said that the countries were shortlisted on first come first serve basis. India will also be exporting a total of 430 million tablets of paracetamol.