The sharp growth of coronavirus cases has concerned many authorities resulting in the participation and taking extra care of the hygiene of the patients. The increases in the number of COVID-19 patients have led to the rise of real threats possessing several health hazards. As for now, around 1,12,359  confirmed cases of coronavirus have been found, the constant rise of the number at a certain pace is still in fashion. The number of active cases is 63,624  in various parts of India. 

Maharashtra’s coronavirus count nears towards 40,000 mark as the state recorded over 2,000 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours. The total number of COVID-19 patients in the state stood at 39,297 with death toll reaches to 1390.

 Meanwhile Tamil Nadu and Gujarat continues to surge in the number of coronavirus cases. Tamil Nadu has crossed 13000 mark, taking the total tally to 13,191. Gujarat is not far behind with 12,537 cases and 749 deaths, the state is worst affected after Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu

The national capital has witnessed highest one day spike with  534 people tested positive for novel coronavirus, Delhi total tally reached to 11,088.

On the other hand, Although there is a spike in number of cases registered in Chhattisgarh but with zero death toll and 59 already recovered, state is comparatively in a better position than the major states with 121 confirmed cases recorded till date.

State/UT wise coronavirus cases:

S. No.Name of State / UTTotal Confirmed cases*Active casesDeaths**
2Tamil Nadu13191722287
6Madhya Pradesh57352735267
7Uttar Pradesh51751982127
8West Bengal31031714253
9Andhra Pradesh260290953
14Jammu and Kashmir139069418
24Himachal Pradesh110533
27Andaman and Nicobar Islands3300
31Arunachal Pradesh100
32Dadar Nagar Haveli110

Several steps have been ensured by the Ministry of Family and welfare to step up their guard against the novel coronavirus. Currently running under the fourth phase of the lockdown the hotspots have been divided into a specific zones-Red zone, Orange zone and Green zones.

Areas surmounting the COVID-19 zones are known to be ‘Containment Zone’ or ‘Buffer Zone’ that undergo weekly updates. Immunization processes for children have been assured in order to regulate the safety in the newborns with utmost social distancing. Birth dose vaccination would still be continued against all odds.

Several webinars and sessions have been carried out to up-skill obstetric care during COVID-19 with the collaboration of the World Health Organisation. Similar steps have also been carried out at various levels in other institutions with a combined effort of UNICEF and other NGOs. The webinar series instructs adopting healthy ideas and habits of protecting our family against deadly diseases. The experts provide us with sufficient information to regulate innovative techniques to help out the misfortunate in society.

The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Luv Aggarwal ensured that the recovery rate of coronavirus cases in India have ascended to 40% but the shoot up in the new cases remains a matter of concern for India.