WORLD: With more than 55,000 new positive cases of  Covid-19 and nearly 3000 fatalities in the last 24 hours, the tally of people infected with Coronavirus is approaching 4.4 million mark. Globally, 297,226 people have succumbed to the disease till now.

On Wednesday, 55,591 new cases and 2,999 deaths were reported across the world taking the total count of confirmed cases to 4,348,246 worldwide according to John hopkins university. There are 2,460,900 active patients whereas 1,636,843 patients have recovered till now. 

As of Thursday morning, In India, the total tally of infected cases stood at 78003 while the death toll increased to 2549. In the last 24 hours, the number of cases jump by 3722 while the number of deaths rises by 134.

According to the latest updates, the death rate around the world is nearly 7% wheras around 37% of the total positive cases have recovered till now. The rest 56% continues to struggle against the virus at present. 

Recovery Rate & Death Rate Continent-wise :

Sr.No.ContinentRecovery Rate (%)Death Rate (%)
4.Africa 35.53.4
5.South America35.25.4
6.North America24.56.0

The analysis of the data available shows that the countries of Australia & New Zealand along with other 4 countries of the continent have performed quite well. With just one new death reported in the last 24 hours and 691 active cases remaining in the continent, the Oceania has performed the best with the highest recovery rate and very low death rate.

As compared to other 4 continents except Oceania, Africa has recorded much lower number of cases. But the recovery rate has remained lower too. The worst hit Europe too has a better recovery rate than Africa. The deaths have remained lower than that in Europe but a better recovery rate could have eased the situation for the continent. 

The number of cases are rising in a majority countries of Asia whereas the highest fatalities have been reported by India continuously since last week. India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Qatar are observing a rise in infections in Asia. However, the recovery rate has been comparatively better.

Europe has reported the highest death rate among the continents with many countries still reporting a huge spike in deaths everyday. There are more than 5 countries including UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Belgium & Sweden that have reported more than 100 deaths in last 24 hours.

The situation in few countries is undergoing an improvement with slight decline in cases & deaths. However, the overall situation is still not very satisfying.

Earlier, South America has performed better than the North but the numbers are rising in both at present. While Brazil is the main cause of concern for South, United States has remained the major cause of misery of the North.

Important highlights of the global update : 

  • 8,762 new cases & 555 new deaths in the United States
  • 3,242 new cases & 494 new deaths in the United Kingdom
  • 1,997 new cases & 353 new deaths in Mexico
  • 3,135 new cases & 231 new deaths in Brazil
  • 888 new cases & 195 new deaths in Italy
  • 1,575 new cases & 184 new deaths in Spain
  • 637 new cases & 147 new deaths in Sweden
  • 3,749 new cases & 136 new deaths in India
  • 10,028 new cases & 96 new deaths in Russia
  • 202 new cases & 82 new deaths in Belgium

Top 10 countries of the world reporting maximum active cases: 

  • United States : 1,033,119
  • United Kingdom : 196,175
  • Russia : 192,056
  • Brazil : 95,505
  • France : 93,449
  • Italy : 78,457
  • Spain : 60,764
  • India : 49,190
  • Peru : 46,678
  • Turkey : 37,447

On Wednesday, the numbers have risen dramatically in some countries if Europe. United Kingdom has seen a huge surge taking back its second place with an increase in active cases in the country. 

Similarly, Brazil too has seen a jump in active cases in the country in last 24 hours. Brazil has reported 231 fatalities taking its death toll to 12,635. India & Peru too have seen a rise in active cases in the countries.

 Meanwhile, some countries like Russia, France, Italy, Spain & Turkey have recorded a slight decline in the number of active cases as compared to its numbers a day before.

The number of active Covid-19 cases reported in Italy dropped to 78,457 on Wednesday, a decrease of 2,809 cases since the day before. It’s the first time the number of active cases in the country stands below the 80,000 mark since March 31.

The country added at least 3,502 new recoveries, bringing the total number of people who have so far recovered from the virus to 112,541.

Top 10 countries of the world reporting maximum deaths: 

  • United States : 84,175
  • United Kingdom : 33,186
  • Italy : 31,106
  • Spain : 27,104
  • France : 26,991
  • Brazil : 12,635
  • Belgium : 8,843
  • Germany : 7,792
  • Iran : 6,783
  • Netherlands : 5,562

The United States reported 750 new deaths and more than 8500 new cases in last 24 hours, giving no hints of improvement. Other than US, Mexico too has seen a surge in deaths in the country with 353 new fatalities in the country. 

Meanwhile, United Kingdom & Russia are the only two countries who have seen lesser deaths on Wednesday than the ones recorded a day before. Russia has now become one of the most severely hit nations as it has reported more than 10,000 cases for 11 consecutive days. 

With a rise in testing in Saudi Arabia, the coronavirus cases continue to rise. Over 500,000 tests have been performed so far and with increasing cases, authorities have called on residents to limit gatherings, an important custom during Ramadan and Eid holidays.

While some countries in the Middle East are moving towards easing restrictions, others have doubled down by reimposing lockdown measures.

In Kuwait, a 24-hour curfew was announced on Sunday for 20 days, while Lebanon also implemented a four-day complete lockdown starting Wednesday after a spike in cases.  

In Qatar, 1,526 cases were reported on Tuesday, the highest daily increase to date and bringing the total to 26,539 cases.

However in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, measures have been relaxed with some malls, parks, hairdressers and malls reopening.