WORLD: According to the latest update of Coronavirus Pandemic by John Hopkins University, with nearly 60,000 new cases and 2,539 fatalities reported in the last 24 hours, the global count of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached 4,543,710 while the death toll stands at 305,621. The virus continues to transmit infection on a mass level causing widespread pandemic and deaths worldwide.

At present, the active cases in the world are at a count of 2,539,333 with nearly 1,735,756 patients recovered till now.

Many countries that saw a slight decline in the cases are observing a reverse trend, and a huge spike in cases and deaths as well after certain relaxations in the countries. On Friday, such a reversal was observed in the data of Iran, posing a cause of concern for all other countries planning to exit lockdown and ease restrictions.

Important highlights of the Global Update : 

  • 391 new deaths & 7,666 new cases in the United States.
  • 384 new deaths & 3,560 new cases in the United Kingdom.
  • 257 new deaths & 2,409 new cases in Mexico.
  • 223 new deaths & 4,333 new cases in Brazil.
  • 138 new deaths & 1,721 new cases in Spain.
  • 117 new deaths &  625 new cases in Sweden.
  • 113 new deaths & 10,598 new cases in Russia.
  • 3,970 new cases & 103 new deaths in India.

With 7,666 new cases & 391 new fatalities in the last 24 hours, the United States has 1,059,179 active patients in the country. The nation remains the topmost country reporting the highest tally of confirmed cases, deaths as well as active cases. 

Meanwhile, the situation in Mexico has deteriorated as it has been reporting a high number of fatalities for consecutive three days. With 257 deaths the death toll of the country has reached 4,477. The death toll remains lower than Canada but with a continuous decline in new cases & deaths, Canada shows signs of improvement.

On Friday, Brazil detected 4,333 new cases with 223 deaths placing the active cases in the country at fourth highest position across the world.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister of the country, Nelson Teich handed over his resignation after less than a month on the job as Brazil surpassed Germany and France and had more than 200,000 confirmed cases of the virus as of Thursday.

Top 10 countries reporting maximum cases of COVID-19: 

Sr.No.CountryTotal CasesTotal deaths
1.United States1,465,25987,303

In Europe, Russia is struggling with the maximum active cases in the country as more than 10,000 new infections have been reported for around 13 consecutive days.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom, the death toll in the country has risen by 384 to 33,998 with the fourth highest number of confirmed cases in the country.

After the UK, Italy has reported maximum new fatalities in the last 24 hours. The new infections detected in the country has slowed down bringing down the active cases to 72,070 much lower than its own 80,000 mark which remained for a longer period of time.

Spain too has seen a decline in the number of active cases this week, however the deaths reported are still struggling. However, Denmark has reported zero coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hours for the first time since 13 March.

Other than the top 4 worst hit nations of Europe, the situation in Sweden seems to be worrying as 117 new deaths were reported in the country on Friday. The recovery rate has been very low with just 4,971 patients cured out of the total 29,207 infected patients.

Asia reported 344 total deaths in the continent with more than 18,000 new positive cases of COVID-19. On Friday, the number of new infections detected saw a surge in most of the countries in Asia. India reported maximum new cases and deaths while Iran saw a reverse trend in the country. Iran reported 2,102 new cases and 48 deaths which had completely slowed down since last week. 

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Qatar continue to report more than 1000 new positive cases of COVID-19 since last week.

On Friday, showing a slight downfall, Africa reported 14 new deaths & 609 new cases on lower than the numbers recorded by it a day before.

The tally of active cases in the continent is at 46,532 much lower than other continents byt the recovery rate is still a cause of concern.

As earlier ordered by the government of China, the Chinese health authorities have begun testing millions of people in Wuhan, after the city that was once the centre of the coronavirus outbreak reported a small cluster of infections. Wuhan will conduct tests on everyone in the city, with the goal of getting a clear number of asymptomatic cases as businesses and schools reopen in the country.