On Saturday, at Delhi’s IGI airport, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will launch the “Fast Track Immigration Trusted Traveller Programme,” or FTI-TTP. This innovative programme will enable faster immigration for registered trusted travellers without the need for human intervention or line-jumping, according to officials.

Eligible people must apply online for the FTI-TTP and submit their biometrics—a fingerprint and a picture of their face—along with any other information required on the application form.

A few charges will have to be paid after all necessary inquiries and eligibilities are verified. According to officials, if the FTI-TTP application is accepted, the applicants won’t have to endure the difficult process of waiting in huge lines to get immigration clearance when they arrive in India. There will be exclusive lanes made for these kinds of reliable travellers. A similar trusted traveller programme is offered by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), enabling expedited processing for pre-verified, low-risk passengers.

“FTI-TTP has been thoughtfully created for Indian citizens and holders of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards. It seeks to turn travelling into a more rapid, simple, and safe experience. This initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving travel convenience and efficiency for everyone,” an officer declared.

A Devon officer provided additional procedure specifics, stating that the non-refundable processing fee for the FTI-TTP would be Rs. 2,000 for adults in India, Rs. 1000 for minors, and $100 for Indian citizens living abroad.

“The application may be rejected if it contains inaccurate or false information or omits any material facts.” Applicants whose biometrics cannot be captured for any technical reason will not be registered for the FTI-TTP,” another officer stated. According to him, the FTI registration will be active for a maximum of five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.

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