INDIA: While the Coronavirus cases are on a rise in the whole world along with our country India, there are efforts put by the doctors, governments, health workers and many other services that have been continuously working to keep the cases and deaths in control. The pandemic is disastrous but our ability to deal with it has also been tremendous and commendable.

By a comparative study carried out by the Lalluram Covid tracker, interesting facts about the recovery in different states of India have appeared which must be appreciated.

India, on a whole, has recorded a 33% recovery rate and a death rate of 3.25%. There are nearly 64% of the total cases that are still under active medical supervision.

There are more than 10 states in the country that have reported a recovery rate over 60%. Out of 12 such states, 5 states have reported 100% recovery rate. Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur & Andaman & Nicobar have performed really well in controlling the transmission of the virus in the states and later recovery of the few cases that emerged.

Meanwhile, Kerala has reported approximately a 93% recovery rate with a death rate of 0.76%. The cases in the southern state shot up in the beginning but the health authorities along with the state government have managed it well. 

Another state that has performed greatly amid the crisis is Chhattisgarh with a recovery rate of 91.5%. The death rate has remained 0% with no deaths reported till now. The cases have remained low in the state indicating proper following of preventive measures as well as social distancing.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya & Puducherry  have recorded a recovery rate of nearly 80% & 69% respectively with a death rate of 8% in both the states. 

Uttarakhand has kept the virus at bay with lower number of cases and death rate. The recovery rate of 67% with 1.45% death rate has also remained consistently better than many other states.

The recovery rate in Telangana has also been quite positive yet the new infections reported in the state are a cause of concern for the state in next few days.

The recovery rate & death rate of the states worst hit by the COVID-19 in India : 

Sr.No.StatesConfirmed CasesRecovery Rate DeathRate (%)
3.Tamil Nadu8,71825%0.7%
6.Madhya Pradesh3,98647%5.6%
7.Uttar Pradesh3,66451%2.2%
8.West Bengal2,17328%9.1%
9.Andhra Pradesh2,09051%2.2%

With the highest death of 9%, the condition in Bengal is turning fatal each day. The recovery rate has been lower as compared to other states with more active cases. 

Among the top ten worst hit states, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh have recorded quite better recovery rates. 

The lowest recovery rate has been observed in Tripura with just 1.3% of the total cases have recovered till now. Punjab too has a negative record of 8.93% recovery rate. The death rate in Punjab is 1.7% which indicates major concern for the state. 

After West Bengal, the death rate of 7.7% has been the highest in Meghalaya & Puducherry. However, the numbers were low but the proportion was high. Similarly, Assam & Himachal Pradesh  too have reported a death rate of nearly 3% with comparatively lower cases which is higher than the death rate reported in some of the worst hit states.

Tamil Nadu has recorded the lowest death rate among the top 10 states even when there are second highest active cases in the state. 

On Tuesday, with 3,525 new cases & 122 fatalities, the total number of confirmed cases in the country has reached 74,281, out of which 47,480 patients are the active ones. There are 24,386 patients who have recovered and 2,415 have died till now.