As people await the upcoming आपणो_बजट2024 or Budget 2024, several economists have advised the government to put out tax cuts for the people with the aim of getting the public to spend while at the same time coming up with ways of containing inflation and enhancing the economy growth rate. Several industry captains have called on the finance minister to reduce the corporate tax rate, look for ways of dismantling exemptions and expand the tax net for the purpose of boosting growth.

Based on the documents released to a news agency and credible reports, TDP, led by Chandrababu Naidu and JD(U), led by Nitish Kumar sought about $ 5. 7 billion (about Rs 48 thousand crore) in funds which are provided by the Centre of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the current financial year. These funds are borrowed together with a higher limit to cater for infrastructure developments.

Since 2020, India has brought some incentives to support the manufacturing industry in the fields of drones and pharmaceuticals, as per a report by a news agency. Nevertheless, manufacturers of new drugs are not under this incentive today. The Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil) has estimated that India’s overall exports, even in the USA, concentrated productions of generics could reach $ 55 billion by 2030.

As part of Budget 2024, planned for July 23, the Union Budget will be aired live through the official channels of Parliament and hence on Doordarshan and Sansad TV and on the government’s channels on YouTube.

Following intensive consultations, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has completed the discussion with the representatives of the organizations and leaders of social sectors for the preparation of आपणो_बजट2024. Specifically, the consultations intended to obtain recommendations concerning major economic initiatives and budgetary allocations.

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