Bollywood has embraced the paparazzi culture and can glimpse an outstanding moment between celebrities and photographers in a snap. During the promotion of his recently released movie Bad Newz, Vicky Kaushal was once again caught in somewhat an interaction at the Mumbai airport. A paparazzo, to compete with the rival photographers, decided to dance to the music of the famous ‘Tauba Tauba’ song from the film. The stunned Vicky smiled and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the singing and dancing of the mercilessly teased paparazzo, hugging him at the end of the show. This friendly interaction receives much love and appreciation from the network’s viewers on various social media sites.

Airport terminals can also attract a lot of paparazzi because they know that celebrities are likely to pass through. Before his travel, while Vicky was occupied with media promotions of Bad Newz, he was exceptionally cordial to fans and the media. This is followed by the reality star imitating a dance popularized in the ‘Tauba Tauba’ video, including the infamous hook step, which catches Vicky’s attention and makes her smile and clap for him. His appreciation for a young lady’s fan gift through hugging her and taking pictures with her gave them some good things to say about him, starting with his humility and generosity.

”Tauba Tauba” is on the lips of everyone, with good rhythms complemented by Karan Aujla’s unique vocals, taking the country by storm. Many people liked Vicky and the song; thus, its popularity is expounding enthusiasm within the shortest time possible. Bollywood biggies Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan have appreciated the acting of Vicky, and this is creating hype for the film.

In Bad Newz, released on July 19, Vicky shares the screen with Triptii Dimri and Ammy Virk in the film based on a heteropaternal superfecundation medical condition which implements the idea of a woman getting pregnant with two different men. This is the central premise of the film, which assures that the audience will be enlightened and taken on a ride by the interesting plot.

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