The world marks World Population Day annually on July 11th, a day established by the United Nations to raise awareness about global population issues and their impact on sustainability and development. This year, the theme focuses on ‘In Counting Everyone’. It emphasizes on the importance of inclusive data collection.

United Nations believes that every human has the right to be counted. On the day of World Population Day, it said that the right to be counted still go unrealized by many.

World Population Day History

The day marks its roots in 1987 with the ‘Day of Five Billion’ marking a significant milestone in the human history. The growing population was sparking controversies about its impact. This lead to the establishment of a dedicated day for addressing these concerns. Over the decades, the focus has broadened. Now, it highlights the issues about increasing population.

Access to family planning services empowers individuals to make informed choices and contribute to stable population growth. Moreover, gender equality has become crucial as women’s education and access to basic healthcare amenities significantly impact the population dynamics.

Population Growth Trends

The global population has seen exponential growth in recent years. In 200 years, the world population grew to seven times the size. Data from 2011 reveals world population reached 7 billion and UN projections suggest global population will grow approximately 8.5 billion by 2030 and 9.7 billion by 2050. These projections are driven by increased life expectancy, changes in fertility rates, migration, economic development, urbanization

, and so on. Given the current population growth rate, if UNFPA’s report is to be believed, India’s population will double in 75 years. Experts believe that India’s large population is a result of population momentum from past decades and that the population shall decline after 2050.

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