On Friday early morning around 7am, a small town- Sanchore in Rajasthan’s Jalore district witnessed a ‘meteorite’-like object falling from the sky. The object weighed around 2.8 kg. 

“We found a huge piece of stone that had crashed into land and created a 2-3 feet deep crater,” said the sub divisional officer at Sanchore, Bhupendra Yadav. 

People who live near the area where the incident happened reportedly heard a blast and found a huge stone near Gayatri Chowk area of the town. All of this was reported to the police and local authorities.

The officials concerned also got it tested in a private lab located at the jeweller’s shop in Sanchore who confirmed that the piece had metallic properties of Germanium, Platinium, Nickel and Iron (10.23 per cent of nickel, 85.86 per cent of iron, platinum 0.5 per cent, cobbit 0.78 per cent, geranium 0.02 per cent, antimony 0.01 per cent niobium 0.01 and other 3.02 per cent).

The teams of geologists in the Geographical Survey of India’s Ahmedabad and Jaipur office have been contacted for its further examination. The object is currently at Sanchore police station, said Yadav adding that the place where it had fallen has been cordoned off.

The object for now is kept at a safe place and will be taken to Delhi for further investigation and the area where it fell has been cordoned off.