Raipur: Recently, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has punished a fine of ₹3 lakh on CIMS Medical College located in Bilaspur. This was done as a penalty because the schools lacked an adequate supply of faculty and the absolute necessities. The NMC has advised the college to fulfil these deficiencies within two months, declaring that a decrease in MBBS seats may be imposed if the college cannot meet these requirements.

The NMC continually supervises all medical colleges online and sometimes gives notice to them to address issues with deficiency periodically. CIMS Medical College and other government medical colleges’ deans and professors participated in a recently conducted virtual meeting by the NMC. This meeting, especially an audit, apparently pointed to discrepancies regarding faculty and resource provisions towards Sims. The college seems to be suffering from a serious amount of deficiency of essential human resources, particularly doctors, professors, and assistant professors, which directly impacts the quality of the MBBS education system.

At CIMS Medical College, there is a 20% deficiency of faculty and a 43% deficiency in both junior and senior resident posts. In the same vein, most of the college’s laboratory lacks appropriate diagnostic machines and reagents required in the diagnostic exercise. The recent lack of the C-arm machine at the orthopaedics department is quite concerning, adding to the many patient referrals. They also observed that some doctors had taken time off work and said they were absent from the workplace.

Because of these concerns, the NMC has recently decided to impose ₹3 lakh penalty on the medical college. The commission called for urgent corrective measures about faculty and other requirements, core determinants of good quality medical education and effective health care delivery necessary for creating faculty and other required resources.

These monitoring and directive measures are part of a larger set of guardian activities which the NMC has been increasingly employing to ensure standards of medical education across the country. It regularly holds audits and meetings to enshrine its standards and guidelines, as in this case. The recent virtual meeting proved that there are policy loopholes in medical colleges, such as CIMS Medical College.

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